End of Life Notification for Cawemo SaaS Service

Important Update: Cawemo SaaS End of Life Announced – Transition to our Web Modeler Solution. Learn More / Release Notes

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance collaboration between Business and IT teams, we at Camunda have been diligently working to evolve our product offerings.

In line with this vision and based on insightful customer conversations, we have already combined the power of Cawemo and our Desktop Modeler to create Web Modeler, which is the successor to Cawemo. The Web Modeler is designed to significantly improve time to value for both developers and business users by fostering a unified environment that enhances collaboration.

However, this advancement also signifies the end of life for the Cawemo SaaS service. Effective 30th April 2024, the Cawemo SaaS service will be retired for all customers and users. This decision aligns with our strategic focus on delivering an integrated, comprehensive modeling experience. This means that you have until the 30th of April to export your data and transition to one of the options outlined below. Please be advised that after the 30th of April, you will not be able to access data within Cawemo SaaS. In line with our data retention policy, your data will be stored for an additional 30 days after this date. It is crucial to export any required data before the 30th of April to ensure you retain access to your information.

Transition Options:

  • Move to our Web Modeler: Experience the combined power of Cawemo and our Desktop Modeler in a seamless, collaborative environment. For modeling only or Camunda 8 processes.

  • Move to our Desktop Modeler: Opt for a standalone BPMN modeling experience. Support both Camunda 7 and Camunda 8 processes.

  • Move to Cawemo On-Premise: Continue with the familiar Cawemo environment, For modeling only or Camunda 7 processes. Please note that support for Cawemo On-Premise aligns with Camunda 7 timelines.

To assist in your transition, we have prepared comprehensive documentation, which can be accessed at Migrating from Cawemo.

We understand that change can be challenging, and our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for you and your organization. For any queries or support during this transition phase, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account team.

Thank you for your continued trust in Camunda, and we look forward to supporting you with our enhanced modeling experience.

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Hi, I am an existing user on Cawemo. As of now, my team has several hundred BPMN diagrams. If we were to download them 1by1 and import them into Camunda, it will be very labor-intensive and disruptive to our work.

May I ask if there will be a batch migration to help us ease the migration? Thank you!

Hi @yangxuan

This is indeed something we’re working on making easier.
If you’re in a rush you can use the API directly to move them over by following the readme on this project: camunda-7-to-8-migration/cawemo-to-web-modeler-migration at main · camunda-community-hub/camunda-7-to-8-migration · GitHub

We’re also working on a front-end implementation for this api so you can also wait for that to be implemented.

Thanks @Niall for the reply!

This is indeed something we’re working on making easier.

May I ask if your team is developing non-API batch migration options? so that we do not need to spend our Dev time on this.

Hi @yangxuan, we are working on a multi-file import via the UI so you would be able to use this. We aim to have this done before the Cawemo end of life to give you time to use it.

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Thanks @crobbins215! Is there an estimated release date?

@yangxuan, we are aiming to have the UI changes done this month. When I have a firmer ETA, I will come back and update you.

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Hi there we are using Cawemo as Modelling Tool for our customers. We’ve used different projects in Cawemo to separate customers and to collaborate with them.

We now evaluating to switch over to Camunda and want to know if we can use it the way we used Cawemo. As far as i know the Modeller is still free in Camunda, but we are only allowed to invite up to 5 users inside an organization.

If thats the case we are not able to use Camunda the same way as we did with Cawemo (Collaborating & Modelling for multiple Customers).

Are there any suggestions how we could use Camunda the way we did it with Cawemo?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.


Hi @TobiasWolf,

you can get more users for your organization with the starter package: Camunda Starter Pricing Calculator

It includes a Camunda 8 cluster to develop process automation solutions as well.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

thank you for the link. The main issue is that we used Cawemo only for modelling and collaborating purpose (that was the main feature of Cawemo). We don’t have the need of a process engine or any other features that Camunda brings.

Is there a solution for our business case?

The only solution I see at the moment is that we use Camunda as Modelling tool while we cannot use it for Collaboration, since we would have to licence users for features we do not plan to use.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


If you’re using the Camunda web modeler for modeling only you’ll have all the same features that Cawemo offers like collaboration. if you’re not interested in using any execution features you wont be charged for them.

Hi @Niall,

the issue is not about the features. Its about the limit of collaborators. In Camunda only 5 users per organization are free.

We used Cawemo to collaborate with multiple users from multiple customers, separated by projects.

Projekt A for Customer A, 2 Users from us, 2 Users from Customer A
Projekt B for Customer B, 1 User from us, 6 Users from Customer B

There was no limit in users. Now with Camunda we have one organization limited to 5 users. What makes sense, if you think that all of them are in the same organization, but in our case they are from other organizations.

I only see the option to create a Camunda Account for each customer, which would result in a maintenance nightmare.

Maybe there is a feature for “suborganizations” where we can board up to 5 users per suborganization?

You can have a single organization in the Camunda Web Modeler that contains any number of projects that are only accessible by those who you give the permissions to.

You’d need to create user accounts for those you want to have editing or commenting on your model. Simply sharing the model to be viewed by other people doesn’t require additional users.

So you’ll need only one organization and you can add users as needed.

The same limitations of a cawemo free account apply to a Camunda web modeler free account.

Hi @Niall, thank you. If I understood you correctly this meets our requirements. I’ll look into this. Thank you for your help.

Best bet is to give it a try for yourself and see if it has what you need.
Let me know If there’s something missing or any features you think we should implement