End of Life Notification for Cawemo SaaS Service

Hi @JoaoLeandro
We’re working on adding the Specification feature to the Camunda Web Modeler.
Is there anything else that you feel is missing from the Web Modeler?

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@yangxuan, multi-file download has now been added to Cawemo as well as the web modeler supporting multi-file upload, once you download and extract the zip file you can upload all the files in one go.

Download example

Upload example


Thanks @crobbins215 !

May I ask if entire folders can be selected and downloaded together?

@yangxuan Yep, folders can be included.

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Thanks for your reply.
We have the same migration issues as other users, but our biggest problem is not being able to visualize the task Specification through the share link
Do you have an estimated release date of the Specification feature? At least before Cawemo end of life?

Hi Niall, we moved over our Projects but now face an issue because the new service does not behave like Cawemo. If i try to invite people to projects Camunda tries to add them to our organisation. (It does not matter if the users is external or internal)

Share a single model by creating a link is possible but this is insane and not usefull. In Cawemo we could have infinite collaborators. As mentioned we do not plan to use the workflow engine of Camunda.

How can we just collaborate with people using Camundas modeller?

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@Niall do you have any news on this? We are kinda stuck in a situation where we shifted over to Camunda, but cannot use it in the way we used Cawemo. And Cawemo End Of Life ist coming closer.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Best, Tobias

Hi @TobiasWolf
I’m working with the PM team to get your a precise answer on this.

@JoaoLeandro this is currently being worked on, our aim is to get it released before the end of April.

Hi @TobiasWolf

The web modeler does have user limits based on these plans. You are able to share diagrams for view with unlimited users, but collaborating in the design time does have limits.

How many users are you looking to have at one time?

Hi @crobbins215,

in Cawemo we had a Project per Customer. Collaborators consisted of a few users from the customers side (usually up to 5 people) and a few people from our side. I would say we have maximum of 10 people collaborating per project.

But these numbers are project based, as I understand your question you are asking about organisation users, not project collaborators.

Our company is small (we have about 15 employees). If it would be possible to board those as users so we can at least collaborate internally and share the Bpmns via link with the customer, it would be a feasible solution for us. As mentioned right now, we are not planning to use the workflow engine.

In the long run we would like to know if it will be possible to board unlimited collaborators in Camunda as it was possible in Cawemo?

Thanks for your help and effort.



Our starter plan allows for up to 10 users to collaborate, additional users can be added. We currently do not plan to add unlimited free collaborators to the design experience.

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We are approaching the 30th April 2024 deadline for the retirement of the Cawemo SaaS service. This is a key moment in our shift towards offering an advanced modeling experience. This means that you have until the 30th of April to export your data and transition to one of the options outlined below. Please be advised that after the 30th of April, access to data within Cawemo SaaS will no longer be available.

Transition Options:

  • Move to our Web Modeler: Experience the combined power of Cawemo and our Desktop Modeler in a seamless, collaborative environment. For modeling only or Camunda 8 processes.

  • Move to our Desktop Modeler: Opt for a standalone BPMN modeling experience. Support both Camunda 7 and Camunda 8 processes.

  • Move to Cawemo On-Premise: Continue with the familiar Cawemo environment, For modeling only or Camunda 7 processes. Please note that support for Cawemo On-Premise aligns with Camunda 7 timelines.

Hi @Niall
In my organization we have this need, we require the specifications, which are now called “Documentation”, to be shown in the shared link.

On the other hand, we would like to be able to add links to external resources, such as, videos, images, or pdfs.

Sure thing,
We can look into this in more detail. @crobbins215 What do you think?

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@Juan_Andres_Arias_Lo & @Niall, we do plan to add the share functionality so it shows up, the aim is before the April deadline. Im working on an ETA.

For the other items investigate that further.


Hi Crobbins215,

so this means effective that the way we used Cawemo is not possible with Camunda. And we are either forced to pay a minimum of 99 € per month for the same features we had with Cawemo for free.

Is that right?

Are there any alternatives in sharing models or something?

Thanks for the help.


Hi @TobiasWolf, in the free plan there is a limit of 5 users per organisation. We do allow users to have multiple organisations which can be created from the console screen when switching an organisation. Some users do this to split projects.