ENGINE-03081 No startup lock property found in database

my issue is similar to this one Camunda upgrade sql scripts: no startup lock found. I don’t know if anyone checks a thread which is already marked as solved, so I create a new topic.

After upgrading our community edition from 7.7 to 7.10, we getting this error when we start the server.

ERROR [org.camunda.bpm.engine.persistence] (ServerService Thread Pool – 74) ENGINE-03081 No startup lock property found in database

We only executed the three main scripts (7.7 -> 7.8, 7.8 -> 7.9 and 7.9 -> 7.10) cause we have no access to the enterprise only patch scripts to fix this issue.

My questions:

  1. I thought that all main version sql update scripts including all patches from the version before. Is this correct? Or are there some patches which are never released to the community edition?
  2. Is this error critical? :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Hi Alex,

the startup lock mechanism was introduced in Camunda BPM 7.8. It fixes the problem that a ProcessEngineException occurred while trying to commit the history level configuration to the database when two process engines started in a cluster in parallel.

It seems like the following SQL statements was not executed correctly:

insert into ACT_GE_PROPERTY values ('startup.lock', '0', 1);


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