Camunda upgrade sql scripts: no startup lock found


Currently upgrading to Camunda 7.8 from 7.6. I’ve added the sql scripts needed for upgrades between the versions and this works fine. However I got one error when starting up: “No startup lock property found in databse”. (And yes there’s small typo in noStartupLockPropertyFound method.)

As far as I can see the upgrade scripts don’t insert this property. (The create does) I’m not entirely sure when this property was added (which version of Camunda). But I think it should be added to the upgrade scripts aswell.

Is this indeed something that should be included in the upgrade scripts or am I doing something wrong?


When you upgrade the database schema, you must run the patch scripts as well. The startup lock property is included in the script <database>_engine_7.7_patch_7.7.3_to_7.7.4.sql. See the update guide for a detailed description of this procedure.


Thanks! I did indeed not read the update guide thoroughly enough. mentions that patch scripts are only provided for enterprise costumers - but I use community edition and the error with the missing property appears also!

So I executed the patch scripts and the missing property was added! Is there a missunderstanding in the documentation?!


During update applying the patch scripts is mandatory for both - community and enterprise editions.

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So i need to run all patch scripts for 7.9 before i run the $DATABASENAME_engine_7.9_to_7.10.sql script?

Yes, you need to follow the procedure of the link above - Step 1 and Step 2

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The Process-Engine has the configuration option databaseSchemaUpdate, does setting this to true run all those patch scripts itself?

It’s named Schema Update, but the description says Sets the value for process engine database schema creation. Values: false, create-drop, true. which sounds like it’s only about initial creation.

E: Nevermind, i just found this page which says that db migration scripts still need to be run manually.

I’m not 100% sure, but as far as I know this was used for update/Upgrades from Activity to Camunda.
So you have to do the SchemaUpdate from 7.x to 7.y by yourself.

Yeah we need to run them manually :x

I’m creating a new docker image for camunda bpm right now that will do migrations automatically. Will try to get that merged into the main repo.
I’m running my env in a kubernetes cluster, and i don’t really want to do anything manually ever^^

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The question is: “Why is there no Option like autoupdate SQL?”
@PhilippHeuer: When I wrote “manually” I just meant that camunda is not automatically doing it. But the question still is, WHY?

@ksch Not really, prob. there wasn’t enough demand for the feature yet.

The base work to support engine extensions that do auto migration was already done here:"db%20migration"

Follow up here: