Error trying to upload process developed in Modeler

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Eduardo, I’m new in Camunda’s World.
I’m trying to upload a process developed in Modeler but I’m facing the following error:

Communication Error : The application received an unexpected 400 response from the server. Try to refresh the page or login and out of the application.

I’ve followed the message but still not working!

Could some one help me to solve this problem?

I’m using v7.12.2-ee of camunda.

Best regards



IF possible, please try to upload your model. I will try to upload and test it to see will i able to reproduce the error.

I see in the below article, we get this error due to " Date range error due to new requirements in Camunda".


Thanks for your supportDLBR_JCB_SALES_PROCESS_current.bpmn|attachment (22.8 KB) DLBR_JCB_SALES_PROCESS_proposal.bpmn (24.6 KB)
See attached my model.
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Dear Colleagues,

Thanks for your support!
I’ve discovered the issues.
I’ve forgot to include decision expression in decision gateway.
Now is working fine!
Best regards,