Event Based Processes functionality availability for Camunda 8

Hello I’m working as an architect for a company on financial sector and currently we’re studying the adoption of a process orchestration platform to monitor and run our business processes. Part of this is to prepare some position papers and proof of concepts for our business decision factors and IT stakeholders.
As currently we don’t have a process orchestration platform our intent will be to go for Camunda 8 and one of the topic (which will be a very important argument in front of business decision factors) is the ability to implement process monitoring (dashboards and analytics) for existing processes even before automate them using Zeebe.
Knowing that Camunda Optimize is able to handle event-based process monitoring (with external data which we can ingest) we’ve put this capability on the top of the list as a key adoption factor for our business stakeholders.
Another use case I can think of right now, is for procesess automated with Camunda 8, we will be able to create dashboards and reports for a higher-level process map (than the one actually run) for specific audience targets

What I see is that currently even if the functionality exists in Camunda Optimize is not activated for Camunda 8 platform and is only available for Camunda 7.
So we need your help to see how can we get it active for Camunda 8!

Thx a lot

PS Same topic was addressed here: Event based processes in Camunda version 8, but the conversation was old so better a new topic on it :slight_smile:

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Hi @ionutc ,
Sorry for the delay, we’ve had a couple public holidays in Germany. You’re right in that event ingestion is not yet available for C8, but understanding more about your use cases is very helpful for us to consider when prioritising this feature for our roadmap. I will forward your questions to our product manager @Tobias_Conz who will be able to give you some more info on this.


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On this one there are two main use cases that we want to show to our business stakeholders:

  1. For processes automated with Camunda 8: be able to report against a high level process diagram so that various management level can get info about processes at a level of details they can easily understand

  2. For processes which are not managed by Camunda (we have processes managed by choreography using Kafka as event stream): We need to be able to ingest the events and map them to process diagram so that business can see process performance and bottlenecks.
    This use case is extremely important for us as it will be in fact the first concrete added value that our business stakeholders will feel and get from Camunda stack. It will be faster and non-intrusive for us (IT) to implement some real-life implementations with this, so business will get almost immediate benefits.

So , all-in-all the event driven process monitoring of Optimize will help in convincing business of benefits of Camunda8 automation stack.

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@ionutc I sent you a PM message to further discuss this.