Event based processes in Camunda version 8


What will happen with the support for event based (external) processes in Camunda version 8, because it is now flagged with ‘Camunda Platform 7 only’? Will it be added to version 8?

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Hi @nicdebee, thanks for reaching out.

I’m the Optimize Product Manager, responsible for prioritizing our different investments.

Thus far we haven’t seen a strong enough adoption of Event-based processes in Camunda 7 to justify bringing them over to Camunda 8 and it’s not aligned with our current process orchestration strategy.

However, if enough customers request it or we see that it can solve common problems across our customer base, we’ll happily reconsider to make sure you’re all successful.

Out of curiosity, what’s your use case for Event-based processes? What are you trying to accomplish?



Hi @nicdebee and @Eric_Lundberg

please allow me to ‘step in’ in this thread - just to flag that we’re also using event based processes and it’s core in our ecosystem - we’re using it to centralize data and visualize process related data from multiple process engines (that can or not, be camunda) from other entities.

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Thanks for replying @Daniel_Dourado!

I’ve recorded your use case and interest in EBP.
Optimize will continue to support EBP with Camunda 7 as-is, so you shouldn’t fear it being deprecated.

Are you currently interested in migrating to Camunda 8?
Would EBP be a must-have for you to make this transition?


@Eric_Lundberg, for now I don’t think we’re migrating to Camunda 8 (but I’m not the decider :slight_smile: )…
But if/when we move, I think EBP or a similar capability would be a must-have, yes…we’re using optimize as an ‘aggregator’ of information from multiple external (and also internal - Camunda) process engines…Also, our platform is pretty much based in event streaming, so…this fits very well our needs :slight_smile:

That’s really useful context.

If your company starts exploring an upgrade to Camunda 8, then please reach out early so we can try to figure out a solution that meets your needs.

Take care!

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I work for a company that is evaluating the usage of BPM for high volumes transactional systems. Current systems are not using Camunda, so my showcase was to implement monitoring and analysis via Optimize.

I now have to decide to use version 7 or use version 8 and adapt the showcase to use e.g. the bpm engine in a container environment.

Hi @nicdebee,

In that case, I would suggest running your showcase with version 7 for the external monitoring and analysis use case.

If you’d like to discuss more, please let me know!