Execution is struck at Rest Connector


Camunda Version: 8.2
Elastic Version 7.16.
Installation type: Self Managed installation on my laptop.

I followed the advice How to Choose Connectors in Camunda Modeler - #3 by Arjun1007 and was able to model a process using a REST connector something like below.

Now I deployed the process and have started an instance. As expected I have seen a user task “Task1”. After completion, I was expecting another user task “Task2” and was expecting the response of the GET api “https://restcountries.com/v3.1/all” to be saved in one of the process variables “responseJson”.

Since I did not see the new task in the tasklist app, I looked at operate and this is what I see, it looks to be struck at the REST Connector task.

How do I know why its struck there ?
Since I am using the out of the box rest-connector (though not readily available, had to get it as mentioned How to Choose Connectors in Camunda Modeler to model the process) should I do something in my self managed installation for it to work ?


Hi @hari_kiran,

you have to add the connector runtime container to your cluster.

If you use docker-compose (I see localhost in your screenshot), a good starting point is here: Docker | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you.