How to Choose Connectors in Camunda Modeler


I want to try use UI Path connector.
I am using Camunda 8.2 self managed installation on my laptop.
I have just downloaded the latest version of Camunda Modeler 5.11.

I was going through the article Using outbound Connectors | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

When I try to search for connectors in Camunda modeler 5.11 on my laptop, I dont see any options. Are the out of the box connectors only available in SAAS offering ?


Hey @hari_kiran! :wave:
I assume you are using the Desktop version of the Camunda Modeler. This one does not come with the Connector Templates out of the box.

Rather sign up online for the SaaS version. Web Modeler has the templates out of the box.
If you want to use the Desktop Modeler, you need to download the templates from Git and add them to the .camunda/element-templates folder relative to your process model.

If you need some guidance doing so, please let me know. Happy to assist!

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@hari_kiran currently for self managed and desktop modeler, you must place the connector templates within resource/element-templates and modeler will pick it up on start.
Hope this helps!

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