How can i add my customer variable in "Add Sorting" in Tasklist

Hi Camunda Team,

I want to sort the tasks in Tasklist from UI.
By default it is “Created” but i want add my case variable once i logged into camunda.
I want add and sort yhe tasks with my own custom variable like ‘Invoice Date’

I tried with adding my variable and sort the task but sorting is not working.

Please help on this.

below screen the sorting is not working.


you can refer the document for how to customize TaskList webapp here: camunda-7-code-examples/snippets/camunda-webapp-customized at master · camunda-consulting/camunda-7-code-examples · GitHub

Hi @cpbpm

I don’t know backend code,
As a user i want to sort the tasks with using process variables, for this is i need to do any configuration.?

The above screen shows the sorting is not happening with process variables. The tasks are not displaying in order.

Actually, it looks from the image like all 3 tasks have the same value that you are asking them to be sorted on. As such, they would appear in any order.

You may also be interested in Add a custom variable in the "Filter Tasks" in Tasklist