How can I disable My profile in the Tasklist

Hi, all.

I was conducting tests in my processes with the interested parties and a detail was observed that in the Tasklist is active “My profile” where you can edit the profile and change the password, but really this section we would like to hide it so that users cannot Make modifications.

  • The reason why we need to hide or limit “My profile” is because the end users are:
    Accountants, sales area and suppliers, the idea that only an Admin user has permissions to create, modify or delete user information.

I hope I have been as clear as possible.

If someone has done what I am trying to do or knows how to do it, please I ask for guidance.

I appreciate in advance.

Hi, @hassang

How are you, I hope you are well.

Question, do you know what I describe can be done or cannot be done or why it is not recommended.

Hi @MarioH,

You can exclude profile plugin.

Add below cam-exclude-plugins attribute to the base tag of index.html page located in camunda\app\welcome directory

<base href="$BASE"
          cam-exclude-plugins="welcome.profile:user-profile" />

You can also change user’s granted permissions to the User resource so he can’t edit his profile.

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Hi, @hassang
Hello, thanks for answering.

I didn’t mention it, but I’m using SpringBoot, I don’t have this “camunda\app\welcome” directory, the “index.html” file doesn’t exist in my project either.

In eclipse, in a single project I have created several processes that run on the same port for example: 80 *, (My processes have html files, their own because they are different working models) to avoid creating separate projects and having to use different ports for each process.

What I have done is for each process create a start-nameprocess.html, this in order to start processes without having to write down the Business Key to start a new process.

It may sound silly, but where should I place the code that you share with me, I tried to add in the start-nameprocess.html of each of my processes but it did not work.

Create an index.html file, in webapp, welcome but it didn’t work either (the webapp / forms directory used to put my forms there but now they live in the “static” folder)

I share the directories that exist in my project.

Hi @MarioH,

Please have a look at below post