How can we access REST API for cloud version of Camunda 8


As I have created a simple BPMN in the cloud, using the web modeler.

Now I am trying to start the execution of that BPM using REST API using postman.

I have created the client credential to generate the token to access REST API.

Please find the attached images of the API that I am trying.

  1. I got the access token after providing the required data in the body in JSON format, I have used this URL to get the access token.

  2. In the image please find the URL I am accessing to get the process definition. I have entered a token that I have received after accessing the oauth URL that they provided. still not getting the output.

If anyone knows how we can access the REST API task list, operate and BPM’s execution,etc. of the cloud version of camunda 8.

Hey @vaibhavdabhi,
you cannot start a new process-instance using the REST API. The Operate API (REST) | Camunda Platform 8 Docs it is for querying historic information only.
To start a process instance please use the gRPC API or start the process via the Web Modeler. :slight_smile:


I’ve created a simple REST API as a community project. You can use it to create new process instances. It’s still in Beta, as I’m looking for feedback. Let me know what you think.

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