How to activate HTTPS

Hello there,

I tried to enable HTTPS as in this tutorial, as it is also mentioned in the thread Activating HTTPS on Camunda Spring-Boot. But it seems, that here is a different there is another error here…

I have already deleted the SecurityConfig, because the Camunda Spring Boot Starter already contains a WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter. At the moment I can’t see the login page (not reachable):

private Connector getHttpConnector() {
        var connector = new Connector(TomcatServletWebServerFactory.DEFAULT_PROTOCOL);
        connector.setPort(8081); //not 8080, 
//because it says otherwise "Application failed to start. Port 8080 was already in use."
        return connector;

Tomcat initialized two ports: 8080 (http) 8081 (http)

I have already searched further, but unfortunately do not find the reason why it does not work and since HTTPS or SSL is probably not unimportant for many, I wanted to take up the issue again to hopefully find a solution :slight_smile: