How to get the current try count?


for activities with “asyncBefore = true” it is possible to specify the retry behaviour. Only after the max tries have failed will the engine create an incident.

Is it possible, inside a JavaDelegate, to get the number of tries left until the engine will vreate an incident? How?

Thank you for the hints.

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Sure, you can specify a retry cycle form the modeler.

That would create a job with a certain retry cycle, why would you want to know within the JavaDelegate how many retries have been attempted?

I want to know how many tries are left. I’d like to catch any errors if it’s the last try so that no incident is created.

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Have a look at this fail fast pattern…



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Probably too late but here is what I used successfully:

Note: ManagementService is ProcessEngine’s ManagementService.

managementService.createJobQuery().activityId(<your activity Id here>)
        .processInstanceId(<your process instance id here>).singleResult().getRetries();

How you can get activity Id and Process Instance Id from within the delegate?, here is how:

String currentActivityId = delegateExecution.getCurrentActivityId();
String processInstanceId = delegateExecution.getProcessInstanceId();

Replying to an old thread, so hopefully someone’s still awake :wink:

@fml2 I try to do the same, but all I get is the number three (3) even though I’ve set a pattern of R5/PT10S on the service task. Executing it works as expected and the incident is created. But like you, I want to prevent that and take a different route in the process.

This happens both on the JobExecutorContext and ManagementService (as @Hammad_Dar suggested). Also casting the DelegateExecution to a ExecutionEntity (like some examples prescribe) comes up empty.

Using Camunda 7.19 in a Spring Boot fashion.

PS. I guess this one’s still open:

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