How to link subprocess with parent process in Modeler

I am pretty new in Camunda.

I used to work with trisotech, and I would like to understand how can I link a sub-process collapsed with its parents. So I can just click the sub process collapsed from the parent, and go to the sub-process.

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You can do this quite easily with Cawemo (which you can use for free) the desktop modeler doesn’t have this feature.

Hello Niall, I am not able to see what you recommended on how to do this in Cawemo, i.e. link sub process. For instance, we may have BPMN ABC within which it has a subprocess which would link to BMPN XYZ etc.

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Create 2 processes in the same project.
Create a Call Activity
Select the call activity and a blue link icon appears - click it
Select the sub process from the list

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Sweet. Tried it, it works ! Thank you for lightening fast answer @Niall.

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Hello Niall,

I am not sure if it is known behavior, but when I add pool, the call activity looses the blue link icon, furthermore it cannot be added anymore. Is this a bug or ?

Hello Niall and all. I am still exploring options of linking subprocess with parent process. I have tried suggested solution using open source Cawemo, however it does not work. It does not give me a blue link icon. Is this option is no longer available in open source Cawemo? Many thanks in advance.


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Might be interesting to take a look at this new plugin


Hello Niall,
Is your helpful post of Feb '20 still applicable for Cawemo ?
I am trying to link a subprocess (to a parent process) in Cawemo. However I am not able to see the blue link icon. Could you kindly help. Many thanks.

Hi @Anshu-j
The features does indeed still exist but only as part of the paid version of Cawemo.

Thanks Niall,
For promptly clarifying w.r.t Cawemo.
Would the alternative of the plugin for the desktop client mentioned of Sept '20 still apply for the free version?
Thanks and best

It looks like it could still work - It was updated relatively recently. Adding a plugin is pretty easy. So you can check it out by putting this in the modeler directory.

Thanks Niall,

I have downloaded the plugin and giving it a go. Best

Hello, I am using free Cawemo web version. Any options how to enable this feature there?

Same here. No such featrue in Cawemo free. Please advise how to enable it.

You would need to purchase the licensed version of cawemo to access those features.