How to use Basic authentication with Connector


I wanna make a REST POST call in my process and the POST Call requires a basic auth but i don’t know how to properly configure my HTTP Connector so I can give him the Username and Password.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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@Patrick_Unverricht you can pass header values from modeler like below

<camunda:inputParameter name="headers">
      <camunda:entry key="Accept">application/json</camunda:entry>
      <camunda:entry key="Content-Type">application/json</camunda:entry>
      <camunda:entry key="Authorization">Basic syuiisg398092hds</camunda:entry>

Credentials should be Base64 encoded string. In Linux, this command would do that: echo “username:password” | base64

or give a try with Jsoup:

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Please always note that you are saving passwords into the Camunda runtime and history tables and are fully accessible in the API. When you use input params you are saving data into local variables

we can mark it as transient right

Your password would still be visible to any scripts you execute. Also possible it gets exposed in a lot from a stack trace if the activity fails and throws a incident.