Http-connector Rest Dynamic url configuration

I am building a process which is having almost 5 Rest service call and may be more in future.
Do we have something in camunda as we have in Java like property file where I can maintain all the URLs for Rest service calls and same can be referenced in process via tokens or variables.

You can create process variable that are accessed by the JavaClass in runtime.
Those could be dynamic.

But process variable I can define while starting the process.
I am expecting something configuration like thing where I can manage my whole url’s type things as a separate file. So that if someone wants to change some url process will be untouched…Or no overhead while starting a process.
Can you please link some example, if it is a possible scenario through camunda…

Well my first piece of advice would be not to use connectors at all.
It’s better and easier to maintain if you use an External Task or a Java Class. Then all business logic is external from the model and can be configured any way you like.


Then build your URL configurations using script and pull your shared configs from whichever file location or memory location you wish.