Http-connector REST POST payload

Hello camunda maestros

I’m having trouble with the payload structure when configuring the connector in the camunda modeler.
I can connect to the endpoint with curl and Postman using the same usr and pwd values. However I cannot figure out how to structure the payload in http-connector. I’ve tried:

headers : map : key=“Content-Type”>application/x-www-form-urlencoded<
payload : text : usr=Administrator&pwd=password

headers : map : key=“Content-Type”>application/json<
payload : text : {“usr”:“Administrator”},{“pwd”:“password”}
payload : text : {“usr”:“Administrator”,“pwd”:“password”}
payload : text : [{“usr”:“Administrator”,“pwd”:“password”}]
payload : text : {“usr”:“Administrator”,“pwd”:“password”}

Screenshot at 2017-10-03 05-54-37

use a script (javascript) for the payload:

var myJson = {
  "usr": "Administrator",
  "pwd": "password"


and when you get the response back you can parse it with Camunda SPIN:


Ah great. Thanks so much