HTTP / HTTPS Proxy & http-connector

Hi from France !

I’m currently studying Camunda to find the best implementation for the project I’m working on. I work with the standalone Camunda version with Tomcat.

But I got a problem with proxy configuration :
The connector task returns me a “HTCL-02007 Unable to execute HTTP request” & in the catalina logs I get the line “Caused by: Try again”.

So it can’t resolve the DNS. I’ve already configured the proxys on my docker container (I can run both “wget” and “wget” on the container) but I can not perform these queries with an http-connector.

Does anybody knows how to do this ?
thank you in advance

ps: the REST API I want to reach is :

Is there any reason why you’ve decided to use http-connectors?

The final goal is to make REST API calls and use the result data all along the workflow. I found that connectors were an easy & light way to do it (you only need the modeler & no special skills).

What would you have suggested ? Java Class ?

connectors don’t require you to write too much code - that’s true.
But i find them really hard to use, test and maintain.

Depending on what programing language you like to use, i’d suggest having a JavaDelegate make the call (if you like java) or use an external task (if you like JavaScrip or other languages)

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I’ll try with JavaDelegate (to see if the proxy issue come from connectors, or if DNS can’t be resolved even with Java (and so the problem would come from tomcat or something java-related)).

But in fact I’m currently making a kind of PoC and I thought I just had to add 2 or 3 lines in a conf file so that http-connectors works.

@Bastien take a look at: Replacing Http-Connector with Jsoup usage

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