Integrate a database into a proces

Hello, is it possible to generate a database (e.g., using SQL) and then populate it with data using Camunda? Could one also create a user task where you have access to the database and can add or modify data?

Hi, @FC_Catalonia,

As per my knowledge, you cant achieve this directly as a user task, but with the usage of Connectors, this can be accomplished. You can check the “Awesome Camunda Platform 8 Connectors” page to use the one which suits you. Some connectors are MongoDB Connector, MySQL Connectors (Partner Connectors) and Amazon DynamoDB (Out of the box connector).

I hope this helps you move forward.

I watched the first video, but I’m using Camunda 8 SaaS. Would it still work?

No, we will be able to use it in self hosted environment only. You can even refer this thread.

I understand. Thank you for your response.