Is it possible to make executable process completely with just camunda modeler?

currently , i am trying to integrate camunda bpm as a workflow engine to in our existing ERP that is not java application and it is better for us to design process to an independent tools that can implement processes completely and then connect user tasks to our ERP forms.

at first i decided to use stand alone architecture to deploy processes in central workflow engine via camunda modeler

but it seem some times , we need java implementation(service task or complex object type for process variable)
that force us to go one addition step and put *.bpmn in a spring project.

is there any way to implement complete executable model just in camunda modeler?(some scripting inside modeler is acceptable)
is there a documentation that tell us which bpmn element need to implement out of the camunda modeler?

what is the best way to integrate camunda with none java application that does not require java knowledge?


@Behrouz you can make bpmn model as executable in camunda modeller itself by providing necessary scripts for service tasks if required.

For example, check below links and examples.

validations_example_singe_malt.bpmn (10.3 KB)