Job Execution retry time cycle

Hi, I have a service task which invokes a BAD Api. The BAD Api returns a paginated response ~ 700 pages or more. I have set the job retry time cycle as PT1M,PT5M,PT1H,PT5H.
While the request is processing and its not complete within 1 min, i.e., the delegate is not able to process all 700 pages or maybe its still querying the BAD API and has been able to get around 200 pages only and is still continuing to call the BAD Api without error. Will camunda retry the request after 1 min, 5 mins and so on? Will it cause multiple chains of request to the BAD API.
I am able to see multiple requests going and seems like the job retry is the cause (NOT SURE).
My understanding is that the logic inside a delegate is independent of the job retry. A job retry should happen ONLY when the logic inside the delegate fails or throws an error.
PS: this is a spring boot embedded engine.

Hi @Mohit_Bhola.
The retry cycle defines how long Camunda waits, before retrying if the previous execution failed and also how often to retry, before an incident is raised.
In your case I think, that there is some timeout happening (HTTP timeout, Transaction timeout, …) and this will be seen as a failure by Camunda, even if somehow your system is still processing the data.
I recommend looking for timeouts in your system.
And for long running jobs, have a look at the external task, which is better suited for these scenarios.

Hi @rohwerj ,

I am intrigued, if this is the cause?
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Hi @Mohit_Bhola

Yes you’re right. Jobs will also only be locked for a given amount of time, before they are again eligible for execution.
See this linked answer for more details: