Job executor configuration for camunda 7.12 (prepackaged distribution with wildfly16)


I am using camunda7.12 (prepackaged distribution which comes with wildfly16) . I am working on timer events, and trying to trigger an intermediate timer event with duration PT1M . With an older version - camunda7.4 i worked with, the timer event is working as expected with minor change in configurations in standalone.xml.
But now am not seeing consistent results. I want to fire the event after a minute. sometimes it gets fired in 1 min 6 sec, sometimes, 1min 15sec and so on. is there a way to configure in such a way that behavior is consistent and event is triggered exactly after a minute or atleast 5-6sec delay and not more?

currently , these are the configurations i have:

    <property name="lockTimeInMillis">300000</property>
                        <property name="waitTimeInMillis">1000</property>
                        <property name="maxJobsPerAcquisition">3</property>

and, any change in these configurations will effect the way other tasks work?


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