[Live] Camunda Question Corner #2

Hi Community folks,

Not long ago we started out first Camunda Question Corner. It was a lot of fun so we’re going to do another one!

This Thursday - 9th of August - 3pm (GMT+2)

Same fun as last time applies you can ask your questions and answer our poll here. Feel free to ask questoins about our specialist topics. This week my specialist topics will be Roman History (38 BCE ~ 400 CE).

And you can register here:

See you all there!


The Polll so far shows that the Call Activity is the most loved BPMN symbol - which is a shame because I’m all about the event sub process.

It’s still open for votes.

Today’s the day!

We’ve picked 6 questions from the list what we’ll prepare answers for and then we’ll do a quick fire round at the end trying to answer as many more off the cuff as possible!

Thanks so much for all the questions and for everyone’s who registered.
See you all later!

The recording of the question corner is up:

Topics covered include:

  • Picking which Camunda distro you should use
  • How the Standalone Camunda engine is used
  • Camunda with AMQP / RabbitMQ
  • BPMN Errors vs Engine Errors
  • Seeing Changes between versions of models.