[Video] Camunda's Question Corner

Hi Community Folk,

This week on Friday 27th at 15:00 CET we’re going to do a fun little live event. The goal of which is to casually go through some common topics and questions people have been dealing with when using Camunda and hopefully I’ll even give some useful feedback.

I’ll be happy to take questions or topic suggestions in advance but if you want to join and bring up some questions live that’s also fine by me. To add and up-vote questions and topics just go right here to let us know what you’re interested in: https://app.sli.do/event/gypy98y3/

If you’re interested in attending or getting a recording of the event - feel free to signup here.

Talk to you then.


I created a little poll just for fun, so that people can vote on something as well as asking questions. You can check it out here: Join Slido: Enter #code to vote and ask questions
In a very strange turn of events COBOL is proving to be more popular than Python among the Camunda Community…


Today is the day! :guitar:

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It’s like Christmas! But instead of gifts people will get a hairy Irish guy talking at them too quickly… What fun!

@Niall :partying_face:

Update of the poll (Java is leading :slight_smile: ):


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Seems pretty definitive at this point - but i did not know that Cobol would be so popular!

We’re about to start!

@Niall joined :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much for attending everyone!
I very much enjoyed it - hope you did to. If you liked it let me know by either clicking the little :heart: on this post or by posting a comment here.


The recording of the Camunda Questions now available for all to enjoy: