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Does anyone know how I can change the Camunda logo in the login page?

Thank you!

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Hello guys!

Take a look at this post below, there I explain how this can be done.

I hope I helped!

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William Robert Alves

It does not work in the login page. Also I work with Camunda 7 tomcat. My question with image in:

Hello my friend @Zivile_Botyriute !

To adjust something on the login screen, you need to change the user-styles.css file inside the welcome folder.

The login screen files are stored in this folder.

Below I am leaving an example of the CSS code that modifies the login screen logo, and also the folder structure used.

Hope this helps.

William Robert Alves

Hi @WilliamR.Alves

This method didn’t work for me, but with your help I managed to find a solution.