[NEW] Camunda SpaceTraders - For learning and fun!

Hello space pilots. :artificial_satellite:

I’m happy to announce a new community project: camunda-space-traders. :tada:

This project allows you to play SpaceTraders on the Camunda 8 stack. :joystick:

SpaceTraders is a programmable fleet-management game played through a headless API. In the game, you can purchase a ship, navigate to an asteroid field, mine ore, sell goods, and deliver goods to fulfill your contract. Everything is done via REST calls to the SpaceTraders API. :rocket:

By integrating SpaceTraders in Camunda, you can play the game by modeling a BPMN process and automating mining tasks. The API calls are wrapped behind a connector template that is available in the Camunda marketplace and based on Camunda’s REST connector. Deploy your process and use the Camunda 8 stack to monitor, debug, and optimize it. :sparkles:

Do you want to bring your BPMN modeling skills to the next level? Are you bored by standard “real-world” examples, like ordering or absence processes? Do you like games, space simulations, or puzzles? Then, see here how to get started. :space_invader:

To make this more fun and engaging, you can join a challenge to track your progress on mining resources and fulfilling your first contract. Your progress will be posted on the forum here. :checkered_flag:

Enjoy your adventure! :ringer_planet:


@jangalinski I noticed a strange behavior for your agent JANGALINSKI. The list-contracts request returns no contracts. But it should return at least one contract that you can accept. Without a contract, you can’t follow the quickstart guide or complete the challenge. This is the first time I’ve faced this issue. :see_no_evil:

I recommend creating a new agent with a new name and try again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. :bowing_man:

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