New project with customize css + localization languages + own webservices


we want to do some changes to Camunda, for example:

  • we need our own webservices, and they are going to use the camunda java api.
  • we need another login mechanism (SAML)
  • customize localization language settings
  • customize css styling

I started with a dependency to camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp and this looks a good start for our own webservices.
But I’m struggling with the language settings and css styling. Is there a way to make these changes in the same project or do I have to make my own camunda-webapp-webjar (like But I need a jar and not a war and I don’t want to fork for possible updates.


It seems that the webservices, languages settings and css styling are working in the camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp project.
But is there a clean way to customize the login mechanism, in fact I want to change the AuthenticationFilter?

Hi @Kevin,

check out this thread, might be helpful to you. Make sure when you follow the links to the docs to change the doc version to ‘latest’. And do not get confused by the title it is really about ‘authentication’.