Operate, import data from elastic to operate

Hi everyone,
The other day there was an error in the elastic, and the data was corrupted in some indexes.
Indexes started with operate* was deleted

Is it possible to have all indexes starting with zeebe* try to re-import into operate ui?
Errors in operate what we have:

Exception occurred when performing post import for partition 1: Process instance is not yet imported for incident processing. Incident id: 2251799827643825, process instance id: 2251799827643758. Will be retried…

Unable to find parent tree path for flow node instance id 4503599627571491

Maybe this answer?(Operate Importer: ignore missing parent error)

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Hi @AlexDynkov - please do not create duplicate topics. I am going to close this topic since your other one has more details: Operate stopped creating "operate*" indicies in elastic