Perfomance Test with JMeter


I’m starting a JMeter Test Plan to test Jmeter Broker perfomances. My diagram will be as simple as possible: a start state, 3 consecutive tasks that add 1 to a payload variable passed by each task to the next, an end state.
The start payload will be 0, so at the end of a workflow instance the payload will be 3.

I want to use a Listner in Jmeter so that when a workflow instance has reached the end state, my listner will be called.

Assuming that I don’t want to touch the job worker code, is there any simple way to get my listener called at the end of each worker instance (end state reached)?

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Hi @spulci,

you could implement an exporter to notify the listener when it sees the last event of the workflow instance. Please have a look at the docs for the workflow instance event lifecycle:

If you don’t want to implement the exporter your self then you could also use the Hazelcast exporter:

Does this help you?

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This exporter is not guaranteed to be real-time, no?

Hey @jwulf,

what exactly do you mean?

The Hazelcast exporter reads the events to publish them to a topic. All listeners are notified and get the events. So, it’s a publish-subscribe mechanism.

However, it can be that the Exporter is behind the workflow stream processing. Exports are independent of the workflow stream processing.

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With the Simple Monitor I note that it does some kind of delayed batch updating, especially under load.

If I were using that to do performance monitoring it wouldn’t give me an accurate picture of work done over time.


In order to measure the performance, I would recommend to use the metrics: