Possible to Terminate/End Instance/Delete Instance without deleting instance history?

Is there a way or pattern to end of a process instance at a ad-hoc moment, at anytime in the process?

I see we can delete the instance, but this would delete the history?, can this be overridden to keep the history but have the active instance removed?

Is there a pattern for ending a instance? One thought was to have a standard End Event that Processes could be modified to jump to through the API. But does not seem very clean and elegant.


You can cancel a process instance at any point without removing any history. The process will be removed from the runtime tables but left unchanged in the history tables.

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You could also use an interrupting event sub process which cleans up and ends… Thus you could tie this to a business event rather than rely on access to the cancel admin function…



@Webcyberrob that sounds like a interesting pattern. Got a BPMN or screenshot of how you envision it?

Could you please let me know the Java API to do this in community version?

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