Process engine plugin in Camunda BPM Run


I’m trying to install and enable this plugins in Camunda BPM Run.

I did mvn install to generate the .jar file, and I put the jar in configuration/userlib.

So now I’m still not sure,I think the module is auto loaded, but when I start Camunda and do user task assignement there is no logs from the plugin.

Also during Camunda start there is no information about this plugin ? Maybe I’m missing something.

Thanks for your help!!!

@Benjamin_Bellantonio, you need to register the custom ProcessEnginePlugins to the process engine configuration. The steps are already explained in that example.

To register the process engine plugin:

public class InformAssigneeParseListenerPlugin extends AbstractProcessEnginePlugin {

  public void preInit(ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl processEngineConfiguration) {
    List<BpmnParseListener> preParseListeners = processEngineConfiguration.getCustomPreBPMNParseListeners();
    if(preParseListeners == null) {
      preParseListeners = new ArrayList<BpmnParseListener>();
    preParseListeners.add(new InformAssigneeParseListener());


Thanks, but that’s exactly what’s inside the repository.

I compiled the plugin to jar file and put it in configuration/userlib in camunda BPM run.

My question is what to do next ?

In case anyone comes looking for the solution, there is a little bit of direction on this post:

I have a problem with the problem, have you solved it yet?
(my problem: use Process engine plugin to integration to kafka)