Projects' migration from Cawemo SaaS service to Web Modeler Solution after 30Apr

Hi. I didn’t save my projects. I thought I had 30Apr as the last day when I could export my diagrams. How cam I restore them?

Hi @Vitaliy_Gordiienko

I have sent you an email

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Hi. I didn’t save my projects. I thought I had 30Apr as the last day when I could export my diagrams. How cam I restore them?

Hi, @crobbins215
Could you please send me an email as well? I have the same problem as OP

Hi. I didn’t save my projects or the groups I participated in. I thought I had until 4/30 as the last day I could export my diagrams. How can I restore them?

Oi, Poderia me enviar o e-mail também, estou com o mesmo probelma.

Hi @Petro_Petrenko & @KarolDamasceno

Please email me at, and I can grant temporary 24-hour access.

Calvin Robbins

I sent the email and my IP, waiting to get back to you.

Hi @crobbins215
I’ve sent the email. Thank you!

Done! Thanks! I’ll be waiting for access

@crobbins215 , I have one more situation. I have only links to BPMN processes in some tech documents, which were made in cawemo by other people and I can’t contact them. Is there any opportunity to download such a diagram, using a link? For ex. this one Camunda Modeler: Process Modeling using BPMN | Camunda

Hi I didn’t save my diagrams and didn’t get any notification about migration. Could you pls send me email as well?

Thanks for emailing, ill let you know when access has been granted

Hi Calvin, Thanks for your quick support. as I emailed to you the access has not been granted because the public address which I shared with you it’s been changed. Could you please grant an access to the new ip address which has been shared with you via mail and can be better to make it ASAP plz then I can have time to get access before Ip address change

Will reply to you on email

Hello, I have a similar issue with inaccessible data from Cawemo. I haven’t received any migration information and have lost my data. Is it still possible to retrieve them?


Please email me at, include your IP/ IP CIDR address(es) from which you were accessing Cawemo in your email, we can allow temporary 24-hour access to allow for extra time for migration. You can find your public IP on

Calvin Robbins

Hi Calvin
A few days ago I sent you two emails with IP addresses and the email address to which my Cawemo account was linked. I kindly ask you to help, because I will lose several months of work if I cannot restore the BPMN diagram.

Hi, I have messaged you on the forum messager, all access has been granted so I might not be getting your email.