Prometheus metrics exporter?

Has anyone built a prometheus metrics exporter for Canada stats and metrics?

I haven’t, but I would think there’s two ways to do this:

  • Pull the metrics out of the Camunda database and format the rows returned as needed.
  • Implement a custom logger and ship the necessary data to Prometheus.

I assume Prometheus is sort of like ELK or other solutions that operate on real time data streams that can be stored ina database.

That said, the above might have already been plainly obvious to you and as such, worthless (sorry).


Yes it is similar to other solutions. Just seeing if anyone had already done the mapping.

Hi everyone

Looks like something is moving here:

Ya that’s us. :). Will share some feedback on usage soon

Good to know! :slight_smile:

As I wrote in the project’s issues it would be nice to have listed all the things that need to be implemented in order to organize work. Please, have a look at the issue I created when you have time!

Its a semi-custom implementation that is looking for activityIds
More of a proof of concept and testing various endpoints to see stability, performance, and impacts on the overall camunda instance.

If you are looking to add some prometheus support, then would be better to first define what sort of metrics you want to capture.

Given the number of endpoints that exist in camunda related to counts, metrics, statistics, etc, it quickly adds up in number of api queries and response time required to collect all of the information.

I think it can make sense to specify flags in order to scrape only what the final user wants and not everything.

Also, most of the exporters that i have seen scrape the target only when there is a http request by prometheus. If I understood correctly that’s not the current implementation, maybe we can think about making it consistent with all the other exporters.

Let’s keep the discussion related to the exporter itself on on github :slight_smile:

solution implemented with:

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