Refer to embedded form of different deployment


Currently one can use embedded forms in task list via the key embedded:deployment:myform.html. Is it possible to refer to an embedded form within another deployment, if so, how does one do this?


@some-camunda-user can you describe the use case you are trying to build with this? A rest deployment is usually a “encapsulated” deployment. If you provide some context of what and why, likely there is another way

@StephenOTT I believe this ticket describes a bit better what I would like to have achieved. I would have wanted to deploy my forms separately from my bpmn processes and just use the form key to point to those having a single place to reference my forms from instead of having to bundle them with each deployment.So for instance I have a single html form which I would like to use in separate bpmn deployments but I don’t want to upload the form with each and every deployment I do. Basically a single reference point for my html form.