Refresh of my Tasks using asynchronous continouations


Auto-refresh is a function of the tasklist filter. Im not sure what the periodicity is, however my experience suggests around 30s or so…

It could be the case that on form submission, tasklist forces a refresh (I say could be, i don’t know for sure). If this is the case and your process is synchronous, hen when your submission ‘thread’ of control reaches the user task, it would return control to tasklist which then could perform a refresh and of course find the new user task. If you then set the behaviour to be asynch, then the submission thread can return before the user task is created and thus refresh triggered by submission would not find the user task due to a potential race condition.

To confirm my hypothesis, use cockpit to ensure the process is blocked at the user task. Ensure the filter you are using has auto-refresh set to true. Wait up to 1 min or so to see if the user task appears…