Show notification bubble in tasklist when task is assigned after message-intermediate-catch-event

For synchronous processes the tasklist shows a notification bubble whenever a task is assigned to the current user.

I have a service task which calls the backend which returns immediately with 202 Accepted and does its thing. In my process, the next step after the service task is a message-intermediate-catch-event which waits for a message from the backend. When the backend is done, it uses the rest engine to post a message with processInstanceId. That triggers the waiting process instance and it proceeds to the next task which is assigned automatically to the initiator with ${starter}.

In this case, no bubble notification is shown in the browser. The user has to click the filters to get an up-to-date list of tasks.

How can I trigger the notification bubble in the frontend, when the new task gets assigned? I know I can write a listener which gets notified about the task assignment in the camunda engine, but is there a way to tell the frontend that it should show the bubble? Can I write a tasklist plugin which polls some ajax resource and shows the notification?

Refresh of my Tasks using asynchronous continouations explains that the filter has an autorefresh feature, with that the new task appears, but no bubble notification is shown. Can I hook into the autorefresh somehow?