Resolve Incident Manually


Asking a revised question here as not got any response on previous question.

So I have a number of incidents which I need to delete. They have exhausted retries and because of time pressures the data in our backend was manually changed (not in Camunda).

This has resulted in us not being able to execute the job manually or retry - as this would simply failed again.

Is there a way via the api/db that I can clear / resolve these without retrying or executing the job?

i.e. Not using either increase the number of job retries , or execute the corresponding job manually .


When you say “resolve” what do you mean?
the process continues to the next symbol?
The process ends?

Hi @Niall,

I am looking for the process to continue…

This is an example - but in live - this process would not end - there is another service task after the send event.


In that case you can use Process Instance Modification to move the stuck tokens to “after” the task they’re currently in.
Then they’ll continue along the path an the incident will disappear from runtime


Perfect, worked as expected, Thank you

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@Niall is there a way to delete incidents (or use process instance modification) in case there are no stuck process instances?
I can see a list of records in the “incidents tab”, but “process instance” tab is empty.Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.22.53 PM