REST connector (bearer token) with mTLS

Hi, I hope my question fits here and if I missed a part in the docs, please point me to it.
I’m curious if/how I may append certificates for mTLS to REST requests, using the REST connector which supports authentication via bearer token.

If there is no way of doing so at the moment : do you plan on supporting this feature ? And if not could one build such a connector themselves ?

Thanks in advance !
If something is unclear or incorrect just let me know

Please do check the thread:

Sorry but could you explain the relation between the linked post and mine ? As far as I know the TLS configuration is not set in the request header and has nothing to do with the bearer token.

For anyone else who might stumble across this :
It seems there really is no way to do so with the provided connectors. Furthermore a custom connector (using the java template repo) would only be deployable in a self hosted environment and you would have to take care of providing a suitable runtime. You can wrap the connector in a job worker but the connector-sdk is in development, so you wouldn’t want that in production. So the only way atm is to build a plain job worker.