Retrieve all tasks for a given process

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Let’s say i have a process “review invoice” with the following “steps”/tasks: START, ASSIGN REVIEWER, REVIEW INVOICE and FINISH.
I would like to present the user a list of all these “steps”/tasks so that he can understand ho many steps the process has. Is this possible with the rest api?

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You could get the BPMN Model XML via the REST API an then you could render it in or you could parse it to get the remaining tasks.

Hi there @Mjgsa,

short answer: yes.

But as I can see from your Profile, you are new to this forum and probably to Camunda. So I want you to talk through some Steps you would need to test this and give some additional information. As a setup on your local machine you need the following:

Since Camunda 7.13 OpenAPI is supported, which is documented here and also use it to import it into Postman. As an alternative you can use curl to do the REST-Call.

Unpack the Camunda community edition and run the application. Unpack the Modeler and start it.
Within the Modeler create a simple diagramm like this

. Export the diagramm as png and deploy it to your Camunda with the instructions given here

Alternatively you can use curl to deploy your Diagramm:

 curl -X POST -F deployment-name=test -F deployment-source=curl -F data=@example.bpmn -F diagram=@example.png

Thereafter you can get your diagramm as follows:

Or with curl with the following command:

curl > test.png

Make sure you did put the id in your bpmn model when creating the bpmn in the modeler.

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Thanks Niall.

Many thanks for the detailed answer, cnfg!