Simple Vacation Request Task

Can someone help me with this simple task by freelancing this task. Interested ppl let me know ? I am ready to pay.

Build a poc

  1. Deploy camunda to one of our server
  2. create absence request process
  3. using standard task manager asking manager email, start date, end date, reason for time off
  4. manager needs to approve, can send back asking for clarification
  5. then either approve or reject request.
  6. request gets logged and saved in Google
  7. request owner gets email

Camunda 7.6 or 8 onwards

I have created a process but I could not finish it.

Hi @Automation_User,
In addition to the response that @jonathan.lukas gave you in the post thread, here are some more references:
I cannot implement the process for you, but there are plenty of resources available online.
If you want to use Camunda 7, you can find getting started guides in our documentation and youtube. Once you’re done with this getting started guide, you should have all the knowledge necessary to implement your simple process.
Among others, you can use

For Camunda 8, there is also extensive documentation available. Check the getting started guide.
You can sign up for the free SaaS trial, so you do not need to bother with a local setup.
Use forms for your user tasks and external task workers for your service and send tasks. Alternatively, you can use the sendgrid connector.

If you have questions about a particular step, just ask, and we are happy to help. All the best for your PoC and have fun implementing it. :slight_smile:

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