Task Assignment to reviewer and requester

Hello All,

We have a use case where a user submits the request and it gets assigned to a reviewer, now our requirement is such that till the time reviewer is reviewing that user task and process is at that user task, the submitter should have provision to cancel the request and the request gets cancelled and process gets completed.


@nvora You can use interrupting boundary event to the reviewer user task and correlate the message with messageName to cancel the process while the task is in review process.

Correlate Message: Correlate a Message | docs.camunda.org

Deploy this bpmn file and test: DocumentReviewProcess.bpmn (4.9 KB)

Correlate Message to trigger the interrupting boundary event which will cancel the process:

POST http://{{host}}:{{port}}/{{contextPath}}/message


    "messageName": "cancelReview",
    "businessKey": "DOC001"

Audit log:

Thank you @aravindhrs, it’s working, but what in case of multiple review task and I don’t want to bind boundary message with every review task but something at process level from where i can complete the process.

@nvora, In that case you can model the interrupting message start event in the event sub process like described in this post: