Task listener using exporter for sending email notification

I am looking for a solution for sending emails on each task in Camunda Zeebe I am a bit confused about this using an exporter is the correct approach or whether any listener or job worker can do the same thing

Hi @sinugaud - do you want to send an email after every task has completed, or only some tasks?

Hi @nathan.loding every task

Hi @sinugaud - why do you need to send an email after task? What’s the use case?

to notify users to track their process

Hi @sinugaud - C8 doesn’t support task listeners the way that C7 did. I think the best approach might be to create a custom exporter that sends the task complete events somewhere to be processed.

Another way would be to create a job worker that listens for the tasks to be created but this is sending the email when the task is created, not completed. Here are some forum discussions about that: Camunda 8 user task, Camunda 8 TaskListener to a user task, and workers for different usertask

I think the BPMN best practice would be that these email events should be part of the model, rather than something that is implicitly done behind the scenes. Explicitly modeling the email tasks makes it clear what is happening and when.

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Hi, @nathan.loding - I apologize for the delayed response. Yes, I looking for the same approach of creating a custom exporter. also getting the record of event type can be very helpful
once again thank you for your response

Hello @nathan.loding ,
Can we use user-task’s header as task-listener ?

@sinugaud - there are no task listeners in C8. You can listen for the tasks using a job worker, though, which is described in the links in my previous reply.

@nathan.loding ok