Transaction Listeners stability as an internal API

I faced the same problem mentioned in these posts:

The solution there worked for me but I came through this

Disclaimer: This is an internal API, meaning we do not guarantee any stability with upcoming releases.

So is there a plan to make it a pubic API and what about its stability guarantee?

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They have been in their current form for “many years”, and are used throughout the engine. Strong chance they are not going to change in a breaking way anytime in your perceived future use.

Thanks for reply @StephenOTT
But I just wondering why not make it a public API, as there is no other way to be notified after transactions is committed which create a need for this to be used a lot.

I don’t work for Camunda, but a guess would be that the engine’s public api is not about the awareness of the DB Transaction, rather it is focused on the business transaction of the execution: thus why the listeners on activities are focused on the Start and End of a activity (not the specific transaction).

What are you trying to accomplish by using a transaction listener?

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I need to count tasks for all group users after each type of task listeners

  • create
  • assignment (claim, unclaimed)
  • delete

Getting the number of the tasks inside the task listener will be wrong in all cases

  • create: not added yet
  • claim: still available in the group tasks so counted for other group members

I can take this into account in each case (do +1 or -1) in the appropriate case and for the appropriate users but there may be more cases in the future that we may need to take into consideration.

Transaction listeners can be a single unified solution to all of this but it has a problem that it listens to any commit (not specifically to the commit of the listener I am inside) which also may result in wrong behaviors sometimes.

Which I ask in another question if there is a possible solution for it

Why do you want to count the tasks after those events?