Unable to access the Element Variable in Mulitinstance UserTask in Send Mail Task

Hi Team

I have a usecase where I user a Group of users to Action a User Task parallely. This is done using Mulit-instance and a Reminder email has to be sent to all the applicable users when a Timer is triggered. Shown as below.


I have the multi instance setup as below:

The user assignment works fine and all relevant users are able to see the tasks in the tasklist.

Again my Mail setting for To is as below:

Ideally I am expecting pUser to be available in Remainder Mail Task and I can access the mail id using “email”.
But when I deploy and check I am getting the below error.

Is there any scope limit for pUser that was created in the multi-instance but unable to access in the next Send Task. Am I missing something.
Please advice.

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

the problem here is that the timer event and the Reminder Mail Task are outside the scope of the multi-instance. This means that the element variable is not accessible from there.

If you wanted to send individual reminders, you could use a Event Subprocess inside a multi-instance subprocess.


Hi @Saju_John_Sebastian1,

have a look at this example: Boundary timer for serial user task - #2 by Ingo_Richtsmeier

Hope this helps, Ingo

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sure. This helps.
Thanks @jonathan.lukas and @Ingo_Richtsmeier

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