Variables in parallel process

Hello, I have a question about historic variable table. (ACT_HI_VARINST)

If I start parallel process, there are two execution_ID and one parent execution_ID in execution table.
At the same time, in the variable table exists only one variable_ID with parent execution_ID.
So, each parallel task always shows same variables.

Is there any other way to manage each parallel task variables?

Can you share a sample BPMN that demonstrate the scenario that you are trying to cover?

Hi @Banstinct

You have a parent execution (main process instance) & a child execution for each parallel sequence flow. The variables you see are defined on the main process instance scope.
You could define variables on child execution scope or even on task scope as each child execution could contain many tasks

Below link describes “Variable Scopes and Variable Visibility”

To define or set variables on different scopes you could use “Execution Listener”

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Is this perhaps what you are looking for?