Where did the Developer's Guide go?

On https://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest/ there’s a link to a “Developer’s Guide”. Clicking this link will show a Github wiki page that says the content has been moved to https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-dev-docs, but that ends up in 404. Where can I find it?

Hi @daveychu
Welcome to the forum - Looks like this page disappeared in some recent restructuring.
What is it you’re interested in doing exactly - maybe i can find some docs to help you.

I’m trying to contribute code, but I’m facing some challenges in getting the code setup in the first place. An example of this can be seen in my other post Failing to run tests for camunda-bpm-webapp. I had to do similar workarounds to get camunda-bpm-platform to compile and run in IDEA. I was hoping the Developer’s Guide would shed some light on these issues.

I got it somewhat working right now, but I was hoping for some recommended setup page (e.g. I noticed Eclipse settings in a repo, so I’m guessing the Camunda team is working with Eclipse).

Well you’ll find a contributions file in all of the main projects. For Camunda BPM you can find it here:

Thanks for your reply. I did find those files and it’s great for most part.

Everything described in camunda-bpm-platform works as expected, but running from IDEA (which is not described in the file) comes with challenges. See https://github.com/daveychu/camunda-bpm-platform/pull/1/files for changes I made so far to make it runnable. I still can’t run tests from IDEA; instead I’m using the slower maven option.

For camunda-bpm-webapp I can’t get the tests to run even by just following the steps described. The details for that are in Failing to run tests for camunda-bpm-webapp.

Hi Davey

Did you make any progress getting a setup working inside IntelliJ?