Where I put my war file for my project execution?

Hi guys,

First of all I don’t have camunda enterprise version in my system. I create a java based camunda project as it shown in this video link (2 - Camunda Tutorial for Java Developers on Vimeo ). In this video I checked that after deploying the project using mavan Install a war file will generate in the target folder and that war file we need to copy and paste it into standalone/deployments folder, from where project get executed.

In my case as of I’m don’t have enterprise version war file get generated, but I don’t understandin which folder I put the war file for execution?
I have the camunda community platform where I don’t have standalone/deployments folder.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, Assuming there are no errors in the console after you’ve put the WAR file into the deployments directory you should be able to see your process through cockpit on

How can I generate the war.deployed file?

If you’ve started up camunda and you place the war file in the correct folder it will automatically try to deploy it. If it’s successful you’ll see the deployed version of the war and if it does not appear, check the logs because there’s probably something wrong with your application

As I have the community version of camunda there is no such folder named as standalone/deployments. I got this folder structure Downloads\camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.12.0\server\apache-tomcat-9.0.24. I also attaching my folder structure as a image, Please check it.folder_st

Ok, in the video i used wildfly, you’re using tomcat. so put the file in the webapps folder.

I putted the file in webapps folder and it deployed successefully but when I started the process there is no instance

Hi @Benmabrouk_Mahmoud

Can you upload your process?

Hello @Niall,
This is my process

You’ve got a process without any wait states - which means as soon as you start the process it will complete.
If you’d like to see a token waiting you an add a user task - or you can query the history api.


how we can do this

how we can use wildfly ? in camunda.acom i just see distribution of tomcat

You’ll find all of the distributions right here, including wildfly

which one is better ? and if we want to use tomcat how we can deploy like you do in video 2 ?

Try this one https://downloads.camunda.cloud/release/camunda-bpm/wildfly/7.15/camunda-bpm-wildfly-7.15.0.zip

thanks alot
h want to use database (mysql) in my project how i canlearn this i found in docs but i can not learn on it do you have simple project or video on it ?

Hello @Niall I am using Camunda Run and following this same video tutorial. My ‘webapps’ folder is located inside an ‘internal’ directory. In Eclipse, after building my target folder by running Maven Install, I copy my SimpleDemo.war file that is generated into the webapps folder, but the .deployed file never gets created as it does in the tutorial. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

I found your answer to this question here Where to deploy .war in Run Distro