Yes Again more problems with HTTP Connector just stuck

We have YET AGAIN more HTTP Connector tasks that just get stuck. I’m assuming it is the job executor and as @StephenOTT pointed on back in 2017, they still have not been fixed.

Stephen invested his time to diagnose the issues and the 2 feature requests he submitted are still unresolved.

We have been evaluating Camunda for over a year now with problem after problem after problems.

We spent more time cleaning up the mess when Camunda breaks down that I really find it hard to think we will ever be able to get on the path of the 100’s of thousands of dollars it supposedly costs to run an enterprise with all the buggy problems.

@GChester1 Generally, Connectors are not recommended to use and it’s not maintained. I would suggest that you can have a service task delegates implementation for a web service call.

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@GChester1 have you tried the scripting solutions i have posted for equivalent connector functionality?

@aravindhrs Thanks for your input. I’ll take a look.

@StephenOTT I seem to remember a solution you offered a while back, but I quit developing code long ago, and now I’m a bit out of touch on the actual languages and syntax side of things and rely on developers to code for me which makes it a bit harder.

Was it in the same article I referred to or one of your other posts?

I seem to remember a post where you mentioned using another solution but if memory servers me correctly, I am not sure it applied to the Tomcat Installation scenario.

Being new-ish to Camunda I’ve tried to implement other projects you have like the stuff but have found it hard to keep.

I’m guessing as someone who follows lots of your stuff you grew over time from the Tomcat Installation scenario to other types of Camunda installation which I think has made it more difficult for me to follow all of your teachings.

We have implemented your BPMN Template into our system.

Regardless, I do follow your stuff as much as I can and I’m quite appreciative; so thank you for that.

But you can use any HTTP client. There are lots to choose from.

Yes, @StephenOTT this is the post I was thinking about, but is this possible in the Tomcat Install configuration?

This sends a clear message when 4-year-old bugs get ignored. It is really sad the Camunda Team can not fix an outstanding bug year after year.

Yes you can add the jar file of the lib you want to use into the camunda/lib folder

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Thank you sir! I’ll have my guy look at it and report back if problems…