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Hello, I have a question. Since I’ve learned that Camunda 8 supports user task assignment, I wanted to ask if this might happen later on. I know that if I have two tasks and individually assign each user’s email address to the tasks in Camunda, the user who is assigned to task 2 can also take on task 1, even if I haven’t assigned their email to task 1. My question is, can this issue be addressed in the future? One might want to specify that a task should only be resolved by managers who possess certain skills. I know that Camunda doesn’t support this, and one has to implement their own UI and use the API interface.

Hello my friend!

As we’ve already talked about in other topics, and we’ve already talked about the fact that you don’t like using “codes”, you could perhaps do the following:

  • Instead of assigning the task to a specific user, you can create a group and assign it to a group of specific users.

  • Later, you can define which users will be part of this group, and the user who is part of this group will be able to work on this user task.

Wouldn’t this be a good approach?
Remembering that I don’t have much knowledge about Camunda 8.

William Robert Alves

How could one do it with the groups? Do you mean in the case of groups, the roles? For example, task A is performed by a warehouse worker, and task B should also be performed by a warehouse worker who did not perform task A. Is it possible to do this, and how?

Take a look at this documentation link bro, it might help you.

User tasks | Camunda Platform 8 Docs.

William Robert Alves

Are there any differences from Camunda 7? I understood what I read, but I don’t see how to input it into the Camunda modeler in the documentation. It would be helpful to see it in a tutorial.

When you select a user task in Camunda Modeler, you have access to this menu, where you can include users or groups that will be authorized to carry out the task.

In Camunda Console, you have access to manage users and assign groups to them.

There are some differences between Camunda 8 and Camunda 7 in some aspects, but the documentation I am sending you refers to Camunda 8.

William Robert Alves

I once read the documentation, but I couldn’t find out whether, for example, a user like George Washington can be assigned the role of ‘financial employee’ in the process. Is this possible in Camunda?

I’m not sure about Camunda 8, but I think that in the Camunda Console, probably in the same place where you create or manage users, you should be able to create and manage groups, and then you can choose which group a given user belongs to.

For example, let’s say your task is to review something, and you want only those who belong to the “reviewer” group to be able to do this activity, so you create a group called “reviewer” and add the users who are reviewers to this group .

And then in the user task you put “reviewer” in the candidate groups. I don’t know exactly where each component is located in the Camunda 8 Console, but if you can’t find it, I can try to help you with this tomorrow bro!

William Robert Alves

It would be a great help if you could help me. Thank you; that would be a lifesaver.

Hello my friend!

Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the delay.
I did some tests here in Camunda 8 through the console itself, and unfortunately I couldn’t find any option for creating groups.

I saw that you can set roles, such as admin, analyst, developer and others, but they are fixed roles and there is no way to create new roles.

I believe that currently to do this, you will need to use a keycloak to manage users and groups, or something like that.

William Robert Alves

Searching here to help you, and trying to understand if there was any way to do this through Camunda 8… I recently found a post where an employee from Camunda informs that this functionality exists on the backend (API) side, but it does not exist on the front-end… in other words, you will not have a specific screen to create user groups in Camunda 8 .

Although this is a post from August/2022, I believe that we have not yet made any progress at this point, but according to him, it is on Camunda’s roadmap for the development of this screen.

William Robert Alves

I understand, when using the interface, does that mean you have to program?

You don’t need to know how to program to use keycloak. Of course, if you have some knowledge of web development and security, it will help a lot… but Keycloak offers an interface so you can make the necessary configurations and adjustments for your needs.

If you have little or no programming knowledge, you may need someone with knowledge to deploy and set environment variables such as keycloak username, password and “make some code to handle authentication and authorization”.

The other things you can do directly through the keycloak interface.

Below I leave links to some tutorials that can help you.

William Robert Alves

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